PLSense PLS10 is an integrated general purpose Ultra-low power MCU including includes support of full DSP functions, full DMA functionality and a broad range of interface options.

The PLS10 utilizes the PLSense unique Near/Sub-threshold technology including the Adaptive Dynamic Voltage Control (ADVC) mechanism whereby achieving a 3-7x power reduction compared with other MCU's with similar functionality.

The PLS10 architecture is based on the Synopsys ARC EM5D core which can be clocked at frequencies between 0.5 and 100MHz and achieves 1.8 DMIPS per MHz.

The PLS10 can be connected directly to a battery source and operates from internally-generated voltages between 0.45 and 1.1v.



The PLS10 supports the following functions:


  • MCU Core: Synopsys ARC EM5D MCU, frequency up to 100 MHz, with full DSP instruction set

  • MCU Memories

    • 160K bytes of Instruction memory

    • 32K bytes of Data memory

    • 4K bytes of ROM

  • Clock, reset and supply management

  • Direct connection to a battery from 1.0v up to 3.8v

  • Internal Core voltage of 0.45-1.1V is generated inside the chip via an internal DC2DC and LDO

  • Power On Reset (POR)

  • 4-to-26 MHz external crystal oscillator

  • Internal 20MHz and 100MHz trimmed RCOCS

  • General-purpose DMA: 14-channels DMA controllers with FIFO per channel and burst support. Including HW interface for DMA transfer handshake and flow control from the peripherals to the DMA.

  • 3 timers: two 32-bit general purpose timers with interrupt capability and a 64-bit Real-Time counter

  • Temperature range – -40C to 85C

  • Frequency – 0.5 to 100MHz (depends on operating core voltage)

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