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PLS15 – Ultra-low power MCU for smart edge devices

Businesses and consumers alike are surrounded by a growing number of IoT devices monitoring sensors of multiple kinds, transferring the data to the cloud and operating actuators base on cloud processing combined with increased local inference at the edge. The PLS15 is aimed solving the critical problem of the battery-operated IoT devices: the insufficient operational lifetime due power consumption.  


The PLS15 is an ultra-low power MCU with multiple analog and digital interfaces and other capabilities like ML inference. PLS15 is the world-first true sub-threshold commercial MCU. It will dramatically extend the battery lifetime of billions of battery-operated IoT and other always-on devices.




PLS15 main applications include

  • Smart metering of multiple kinds

  • Smart smoke-detectors and fire alarms

  • Home/business security/control

  • Smart agriculture/industry sensing

  • Smart Home

  • Well-being devices

  • Sensor Hubs

PLS15 Uniqueness

  • Ultra-low power consumption in active and sleep modes

    • Achieved by true sub-Threshold operation

  • Optimized power consumption automatically achieved by PLSense patented TOPS (True sub-threshold Power Optimized Silicon) technology

    • PLS15 consumes the minimal possible energy at any required operational frequency

  • Powered by RISC-V core operating at up to 48 MHz

  • A dedicated, power-efficient HW machine learning engine implemented as a systolic array – ideal for IoT edge inference devices.

  • Variety of audio, video, digital and analog interfaces

Learn more: TOPS

PLS15 Key Features



  • Main core: 32-bit RISC-V

  • Max operating speed: 48 MHz

  • Variable operating speed

    • User can change the operating speed in SW without the loss of any data/command

  • Minimal power consumption automatically achieved

    • PLS15 TOPS technology automatically optimizes the power consumption per operation as operating speed decreases


Ultra-low power consumption


  • Ultra-low supply current

    • Less than 7 µA/MHz in active mode @ 5 MHz op speed

  • Unmatched standby and deep sleep modes

    • Down to 125 nA




  • 320 KB RAM with ECC support

  • Separately retained memory banks

  • 256 KB of non-volatile memory (NVM) – RRAM type

  • Cache engine to NVM


AI Accelerator


  • Machine Learning (inference) accelerator with 12 MACsper clock

  • Includes special memory interface for efficient memory transfers


Advanced Security


  • Robust secure environment

  • HASH and AES Hardware engines

  • Protected Flash Region (PFR)

  • CRC HW accelerator

  • True Random number Generation


Human/Machine Interface (HMI)


  • Video front end

    • Direct interface to CMOS sensor

    • JPEG encoding engine

  • Digital Microphone interface supporting up to 4 channels

  • HW voice detection

  • LCD controller


Other interfaces


  • Digital interfaces

    • SPI, I2Cs, I2Ss, UARTs, Octal/Quad FLASH support, GPIOs

  • Analog interfaces

    • 2 ADCs, temperature sensor, analog comparator

  • Timers

    • Multiple timers

    • Real-Time Clock with calendar features


General information


  • Direct Battery connection

  • Battery voltage: 1.8-3.3V

  • Temperature range: -20°C to 85°C

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